We are a theatre and performance company. Our work combines stories with visual poetry under the artistic collaboration of director Sachi Kimura and lighting designer Kristina Hjelm.

We are dedicated to explore real and heartfelt human issues in a poetic and subtle manner, and aim to give the audience experiences that resonate with their lives through the use of anecdotes and simple and innovative visual images.

 We use theatre performance and installation artwork to bring an essence to our creations.

We create performances for theatres, festivals and other site-specific locations. Our latest project Sensible Nonsense for children and carers had successful research and development phase partnered with Brighton Festival in 2017, and our last show GLOW for babies and toddlers premiered at Brighton Festival 2015 followed by a national tour.

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‘Concentrating on producing energized, visually captivating, relevant theatre combined with the highest standard of set design, music and choreography Flying Eye are a breath of fresh air in a field that can so easily be defined by convention.’

Claire Cahill – London Festival Fringe