Sensible Nonsense

                            Follow the crickets, collect the acorns, chat around the fire,

                                                   Find your own shooting star

RPF_190917-37 SMALLER

                   What happens if we let children do what they want to do? 

 Following on from the success of the 5 star show GLOW for  children aged 3 months to 4 years,  Flying Eye Performance Company are developing a new piece, Sensible  Nonsense. This is an experiential show  for children aged 3 to 5 years old and their  carers.  We  are interested in exploring the idea of ‘What if things  we as  adults  think  are meaningless (nonsense) is in fact sensible to humans?’ 

For children of this age,  banging on the table during meals, painting on walls and  furniture,  and blowing bubbles in their drinks seem  to  excite them.  

We,  as  the artistic directors of Flying Eye,  parents  and keen observers of the  environment in  which we bring up our children, often find ourselves  questioning:  

Is there any link between their experiments and important activity for human growth?  

Is there a way  adults  could embrace these activities and recall  the joy they themselves got from doing it as children? 

Through performance, music and stories, we aim to create an experiential  show that parents  and children can enjoy together. As a starting point we will investigate the instant  sensation children get through their experiments as well as its psychological effect, such as physical actions – jumping, throwing, rocking, screaming – and how they have a completely different understanding of time passing, compared to adults. 

The journey so far:  

In August 2017 we carried out 4 weeks of research and development on Sensible Nonsense, funded by a Grant for Arts by Arts Council England. During this period we engaged with 61 test audience members and culminated in two sharings at Brighton Dome of a 40 minute scratch performance. We collated audience and professional feedbacks to reflect to the future.

Please email for more information on this project and to view a short trailer of the R&D.