Wishing Pot

Do you have anyone you see everyday who tickles your curiosity and whose life you like to imagine?

WISHING POT is an installation piece about what you wished in having contact with strangers in the everyday life situations.

The project enjoyed the meeting with the public at the Fresh From the Oven at The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton on New Years Eve 2010.

Audiences were asked to write down on the sheet of paper and post it to our special wishing pot. Below are the selected wishes that were produced during the evening.
Thank you to all who contributed!

Please share your experience with a memorable stranger whom you nearly had contact, and how you might wish to interact with them…


I used to see an old woman around Hove sitting on street benches. She often wore only one shoe and had her hair twisted into a strange knot that hung down on one side of her head. The day after my wife and I broke up she told me I was the happiest looking person she had seen all day…
Sexy voiced female supplier at work
I wish to meet the person who gives me joy when I speak to her.
Imagine a band member of Creedance Clear Water Revival or a member of the band the Doors… we are 2010 he dresses 1969 immaculate hippy chic carnaby street… Long blond hair shades are blue looking glasses sometimes pink. Skin tight trousers striped pink shirt Afghan  coat briefcase but before you see him you smell him – Mr Patuli. I wanted to say to his face – WOW!
I wish I told that man 2 fuck off when he accused me of stealing his wallet.
The man with the sad eyes, beautiful tattoos on the crowded train.
Oh, the stranger. I know the stranger with the muzzled dog and white lightning sitting with wisdom almanac.
I know him,
because he could be me
but isn’t.
To the lady in the white Skoda. You are enigmatic and beautiful. I wish you a happy life.
As a kid I would often wait at a very rural bus stop to head into town. Quite often the only other person waiting for the bus was a barmy old lady who would pick leaves from a bush and throw them into the air whilst muttering and pacing back and forth. She freaked me out and I never spoke to her although we stood next to each other a lot. I’d like to know what she was playing at!
Down Trafalgar St
a wasted boy
a wasted girl
shouting at each other
swinging arms at each other
what great thought was on your minds?
The lady who lives nearby and wrote me a letter saying how much she’d have loved to come to my party in her nightie with a bottle if only she had heard the music! I’d like to meet her!
I wish I confronted my friend when he lost his mind instead of ignoring it.
The foreign gentleman who lives next door. He has a hint of the sordid about him. Sometimes I wish we might have a saucy adventure!
It is morning the sun is shining
she is smiling
anything could happen…